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The founder of B3E, Dillard "Crazy Jay" Johnson in front of the traditional all guns blazing car shoot ending a B3E event.

The founder of B3E, Dillard “Crazy Jay” Johnson in front of the traditional all guns blazing car shoot ending a B3E event.

Big 3 stands for Tactical gun, Tactical gear and Tactical training that gathers gun industry content creators such as David Fortier, James Tarr, Andre’ M. Dall’au with significant manufacturers, trainers, creators and importers of firearms and related gear. Twice a year for the last ten years Big 3 East has hosted a three day industry event for industry writers, bloggers and videographers.

The media at B3E has included The Firearm Blog, Recoil Magazine, American Rifleman, Carbon Media, Big 3 East Media, Firearms News, Be Ready Magazine, RifleShooter, Handguns, Guns and Ammo TV, Handguns and Defensive Weapons. An ever increasing presence of video media is also a significant aspect of B3E including Full30, VSO, MAC, 2guysandgear with YouTube videos of activities at B3E drawing a significant audience year after year.

The Big 3 campus offers a secure, intimate and direct interaction between Content creators and Manufacturers like no other shooting industry event in the country. It is set on a 80 acre private facility that include six ranges with targets out to 900 yards to allow for all types of weapons, both day or night. There are multiple areas that have been set up for photography and video use by media. Time is spent both in multi-media presentations in a enclosed structure and on the ranges shooting, feeling, loading, disassembling and examining the products to ensure accurate information is passed from the companies and manufacturers. The demonstrated result is that real-time, empirical experience taken from the kinetic evaluation of the products are passed to the end user; the LE, military or civilian shooter.

Only at B3E do national gun writers, bloggers, photographers, and Youtube content creators share the same place with the newest products and industry representatives but with the ability to walk outside and shoot the guns, which is very different compared to events like the NRA and SHOT Show. There is a small fee for manufacturers and attending companies which covers travel, lodging and meals for the media.

Big 3 East is an exclusive and by invitation only event. The Manufacturers submit the names of the Media they would like to see at the event, and the Staff at Big 3 East make it happen and its success is evident in that companies return year after year to show their latest gear to the best gun writers in the country.

To find out more information on the Big 3 East Events, please email us at info@big3east.com


Dillard “Crazy Jay” Johnson | President
Don Wilson | Vice President
Amy Johnson | Treasurer
Quentin Carter | Director of Training & Video Media
Ron Pompeo | Operations Director
Jacob Boyer | Lead RSO & Video Media
Rich Elliott | Instructor
Ancel Robinson | Director Of Marketing
Peggy Robinson | Marketing and Training
Ted Rennegarbe | Marketing and Media
Travis Rennegarbe | Marketing and Media
Andre’ M. Dall’au | Media Editor

Dr. Martin Topper | Chief Content Creator
Jim Grant | Content Creator
Nick Chen  | Content Creator
Mark Lang | Content Creator

Erick Gonzales | Content Creator
Mark Schindel | Content Creator