AMTAC Showcases Its New Hornet 9mm Carbine Suppressor By Nick Chen

AMTAC 9mm Hornet

AMTAC Suppressors are an unconventional design due to their over the barrel suppressor. The majority of the suppressor is actually behind the muzzle with only 3.7” of suppressor added to the length of the rifle. This shifts the weight closer to the center of gravity thus making the weapon feel more balanced. The short length allows you to use your traditional rifles and skip needing to SBR a rifle just to keep the OAL short when suppressed. For more than 35 years, Advance Manufacturing Technology (AMTAC) has been a leader in precision manufacturing with customers including the Department of Defense, Bell, Hiller, and SpaceX making components for the most successful air-to-air missile in the world – the AIM-9 Sidewinder. AMTAC was born in that same state-of-the-art facility by some of the most experienced engineers and machinists in the aerospace industry. AMTAC builds suppressors to meet the needs of the most demanding shooter ensuring maximum durability and accuracy with innovative designs that integrate seamlessly onto many weapon systems.

AMTAC 9mm Hornet has most of its useful length behind the muzzle.

AMTAC 9mm Hornet has most of its useful length behind the muzzle.

At last March’s Big 3 East Media Event, AMTAC brought out their line of suppressors. They only had suppressors in 5.56 and 7.62. At the October 2016 Big 3 East Media Event, AMTAC showed up for their second time and they brought us something new. They have made a new suppressor for 9mm carbines. The Hornet follows the same concept as their other over the barrel suppressors. It only adds 3.7 inches to the end of the barrel. It is perfect for pistol caliber carbines with 16” barrels. The AMTAC Hornet has a total length of 7.7 inches with 4 inches of it slid over the barrel. It has an outer diameter of 1.62” so it can fit under many free float handguards. Right now it is threaded 1/2×36. However you can get thread adapters to fit it to 1/2×28 or even 13L like for the MPX.  The Hornet is available now for $975

AMTAC’s over the barrel design allows for more expansion and reduces the blowback you typically see in a suppressed rifle. According to AMTAC, they have rifles with 2k+ round counts, completely suppressed without any cleaning needed.

Their suppressors are full auto rated and come with full lifetime warranties. For more information please view

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