Marksmanship Trainer LLC Handgun Course

October 11, 2015

Description of Course: In this course shooters will learn to be critical of each shot they take. If you have been striving to put repeatable and precise shots on target this course is for you. This course is competitive, intense and will teach you how to train on your own.

We will use paper and steel targets from 3 yards to 50 yards. Courses of fire will include PPC 600, Department of State High Threat, and Marksmanship Trainer’s Callus Drill.

  • Be prepared for:
  • Strong hand only
  • Weak hand only
  • Strong/Weak hand from cover
  • Speed reloads
  • Tactical reloads
  • Malfunction drills
  • Moving and shooting and more!

Approximate timeline:
9am-10am: Classroom:
10am-1:30pm: Range:
1:30pm-2pm: Open range

Gear List Mandatory Items:
Semi-automatic handgun in safe working condition
Minimum 400 rounds of ammunition
Minimum 4 Magazines
Outside the waste band holster preferably Kydex. No IWB permitted
Double Magazine pouch
Eye protection
Ear protection (preferably electronic)

Suggested Items:
Comfortable footwear. We will be on our feet for 3 1/2 hours straight and moving across uneven terrain.
Shirt with high or tight collar to prevent brass burns
A change of clothes for going home

What is Provided?
Indoor Restroom Facilities
Ice Cold Water and Gatorade
Action Target steel targets
Law Enforcement Targets paper targets
Training Manual
Certificate of Completion