EXCLUSIVE!!! – B3E HURRICANE SHOW! October 2016 Big 3 East Media Event A Big Hit – By Andre’ M. Dall’au

Brian Miller from 2AGuysAndGear rips off a burst at B3E


Even with the threat of Hurricane Matthew heading towards Daytona Beach with its impact predicted to be during the event, dozens of manufacturers and companies presented their newest and best products to the many writers, videographers, bloggers and Youtubers present. Tightening the presentation schedule into a crisp quick-reaction evolution to ensure that ALL companies could show their wares, all the products were first discussed and then using the remaining good weather remaining to actually use and shoot the guns and gear, the media went to work until mandatory evacuations finally slowed the activities.


Gabe Cabrera represented VZ Grips and Breakthrough Cleaning Technologies at B3E.

The companies who braved the threat of an approaching  Cat 4 hurricane included Diamondhead Sights, IWI, Palmetto State Armory, Armalite, Remington, VZ Grips and Breakthrough Cleaning Technologies, Glock, UM Tactical, Krebs Custom , AMTAC, Nikon, Spike’s Tactical, Geissele, Midwest Industries, MGI, WAC Outdoors, ShootSteel.com, Eagle Imports, Bond Arms, Strategic Armory Corps., Desert Tech, Pantheon Arms and Huntertown Arms, Manticore Arms, Wolf Performance, Tactical Rx,  Lithgow Arms, WARFYTR, FALCOR, Destructive Devices Industries, Tarus, MTR Leather, UTM and Lanxang.


The attending media had plenty of opportunity to try out all the guns and gear shown at B3E like the Triumph Targets shown here.

After the presentations and Q and A follow-ups, the range came alive with shooting, interviews, video clips and photography as the media had a chance to pick up, shoot and wring-out the equipment while finding out more about the people and products of each company present. For a day and a half until the freshening breeze and looming clouds had participants making their way to areas NOT within the hurricane threat zone, the newest and best products in the industry were talked about, photographed and shot.  It was fun and when asked if how they liked the show, the affirmative roar from the participants was very positive!

Well known and productive writers like James Tarr were busy at the event covering dozens of new products

Look for articles, videos and buzz about the companies and gear in upcoming print and on-line publications. For more information about the next Big 3 East media event scheduled for March, 2017 please contact B3E through the website.


One of the preps for Hurricane Matthew was making sure that CJ’s pet Wolf Mascot was ready for the Storm!

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