EXCLUSIVE!!! – The BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE – Fits over 150 handguns – By Andre’ M. Dall’au

The brand new BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE holster fits over 150 pistols with level II security

The drawback of model-specific retention holsters are that if you decide to change your carry pistol you now have to find, attach and relearn how to use a new rig. With the BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE that is no longer a problem.

The BRAND NEW and SOON TO BE RELEASED BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE is specifically designed to accommodate over one hundred and fifty semi-automatic pistols – as long as they have;

  • An under barrel receiver rail OR
  • A Streamlight TLR weapons light mounted OR
  • A Surefire X300 weapons light mounted.

Each type firmly secures on either the rail or the light so it really does not matter if it is a Glock, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, FNH, Walther or even a 1911 with a lower rail, OR if any of those has either a Streamlight TLR or a Surefire X300 (both very popular and standard light for service pistols) will be secured in the OMNIVORE.

The BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE holster can fit most pistols with a lower receiver rail

What problem does that solve? If you are a person that has a rig, ballistic vest or plate carrier that you want to accommodate a variety of pistols without reconfiguring, or if you are in a department or agency that has different pistols, or if you are a competitor who shoots different pistols but do not want to be swapping out holsters on your belt between stages – the BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE is for you.

The BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE provides active retention using a natural thumb release that I used on prototypes at the BLACKHAWK! HQ that were smooth and fast on the draw. The OMNIVORE gives users level 2 retention with two features to hold the handgun securely in place. The height of the retention mechanism can be user-adjusted for a three-position custom fit.

The BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE holster is perfect for shooters who has multiple handguns

The BLACKHAWK! OMNIVORE comes with the holster, a paddle mount, a belt mount, two rail attachment devices and two thumb pads and will be available in standard colors. This will be released soon so for more information and availability please call 1-800-379-1732 or view www.BLACKHAWK.com.

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