EXCLUSIVE! – World Ranked Competitive Shooter Ashley Rheuark Joins Team GLOCK

Team GLOCK Ashley Rheuark has won notable titles at national and world action shooting events.

GLOCK, Inc., is pleased to announce Ashley Rheuark, an 18-year-old York, SC resident, has joined Team GLOCK. Rheuark, who has won notable titles at national and world action shooting events, joins an elite group of shooting professionals with Team GLOCK representing the GLOCK brand in various shooting disciplines.

“We are excited to have Ashley join Team GLOCK,” stated Shane Coley, Captain of Team GLOCK. “Ashley has a proven record of success, with seven national titles across several shooting disciplines. With her commitment to growth, discipline, and positive attitude, we feel that Ashley will be a valuable brand ambassador for our products as well as a role model to inspire new shooters.”

Ashley Rheuark is an incredible addition to Team GLOCK replacing Tori Nonaka. Ashley is a winning combination of class, talent and potential all rolled up in one of nicest young ladies around. With Shane and Michelle, she will take Team GLOCK to even more success both nationally and world-wide.

Rheuark was first introduced to shooting at the age of 10 when she went hunting with her father. Her skilled rifle shooting led her to attend a basic pistol class where she fell in love with the sport of competitive shooting.

Since entering the world of competitive shooting, Rheuark has won numerous titles; including IDPA Lady World Champion and USPSA STI Ladies National Champion, and became the first female IDPA Distinguished Master.

“I am excited to be a part of Team GLOCK and I am looking forward to working with such great pistols and a great brand,” said Rheuark. “My goals are to continue to train and excel to become the best female shooter possible while representing the GLOCK brand and inspire young women who are entering the sport.”

“Ashley possesses tremendous perseverance and dedication to the sport as well as strong values and principles both on and off the range,” said Josh Dorsey, Vice President at GLOCK. We value and look for these qualities in our employees and our shooters.”

To learn more about Team GLOCK, visit https://us.glock.com/news.


Ashley will make an immediate and huge impact on GLOCK sport Shooting

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