Hi-Point .380 ACP Carbine SHOT Show Review By Jim Grant

The Hi-Point .380 ACP Carbine will deliver accurate rounds with much less recoil. As a home-defense weapon that would be easy to use by any man or woman, it is a great choice.

Hi-Point Firearms is a company that has been making affordable handguns and carbines for years, and while not known for making lightweight guns, they are durable and give a great value for the price.

The basic design of all Hi-Point firearms is a direct blowback auto-loading mechanism – so unlike older designs like the 1911 which use a locking breech, the only thing keeping the action closed on a Hi-Point is spring tension and the weight of the bolt itself.

Because of this, the Hi-Point is remarkably reliable especially when you compared the costs of Hi-Points’ competitors. Its affordable price point makes it a favorite choice folks wanting a simple but affordable firearm and experienced shooters who want to spent their gun money on ammo and practice.

At SHOT Show 2017, Hi-Point announced the newest addition to their product lineup, a .380 ACP carbine. It shares a magazine with its single-stack .380 pistol cousin but Hi-Point has managed to create a 20-round extended version to really allow the carbine some serious bark. Dubbed the redball, these magazines also have a special coupler available that permits attaching two of them to the stock of a Hi-Point carbine, allowing the shooter to keep 60 rounds of ammo on-board at one time. That is a very nice feature for those shooters who would want this for home defense and like the idea of having reloads available without having to find and stow extra magazines in the middle of the night.

While .380 isn’t known as a wonderful man-stopper, the combination of 60+1 rounds and the available modern .380 ACP defensive ammunition, the Hi-Point carbine will deter if not stop most self-defense threats.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The exceptional self-defense loads now available on the market have prompted shooters to re-evaluate their opinion of the decades-old .380 round (9mm Kurtz.) The remark most made about the .380 is that it is a “weak” self-defense round, unable to achieve the incapacitation to stop an attacker. That is true no longer. The .380 ACP out of a carbine barrel like the Hi-Point carbine maximizes its full potential so that with one of the new well-engineered loads, it hits not only accurately, but with tremendous damage while maintaining very low recoil. Just remember that the 9mm bullets that leave the suppressor from the much-loved and tactically coveted MP-5SD, submachine gun have the same energy as the .380 ACP (due to the dissipation of the gas inside the suppressor) so if the SEALs have gone into combat with what was effectively a .380 machine pistol, then I think a .380 carbine like the Hi-Point should be FINE for the rest of us. 

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