March Big 3 East Event has been Cancelled

If nothing else Big 3 East is dedicated to family and respect. Since we have experienced a near-tragedy with the traffic accident involving CJ’s son, CJ has lived at the hospital and has had NO time to get ready for the upcoming event. To prevent CJ having to choose between taking care of the million and one items that are needed to be addressed prior to B3E or continuing to take immediate and close care of his son (and we expect a full and complete recovery,) we have determined that Big 3 East March 2017 would need to be cancelled.

With the involvement of CJ and Max’s pending rehabilitation, it was determined that the timing for this event wouldn’t allow our staff to provide the great experience for each and every guest, company and presenter that everyone at B3E demands. That respect for our friends and guests have been reciprocated with the massive show of support we have been gifted with since Max’s accident.

Every invitation to our March Event still stands for the October event, the dates of which will be determined and disseminated as soon as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will not offer anything but the best event and undistracted effort possible, and are willing to take the hit for this to make sure that our proven level of satisfaction and service people have come to expect from CJ and the B3E is not lessened to satisfy a schedule.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for your prayers. Both have helped far more than you might know.

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