Merry Christmas from Big 3 East

Merry Christmas from B3E

Today is a true day of peace, love and reflection honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day let us enjoy the fruits of our lives, our families and friends as we live in a world of wondrous beauty and incredible opportunity.

Merry Christmas to everyone at home with their loved ones as well as those deployed, serving and away from home. Also to the firefighters, police, doctors, power plant and hospital workers who man their posts and do their jobs regardless that this day is Christmas. Know that nurses are ensuring that their patients are happy and cared for, the Cops and firefighters are keeping the streets safe while nameless and faceless power plant operators are making sure your Christmas Tree stays lit and you can watch your favorite team on your new wide-screen HD TV.

We at Big 3 East wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you and your families truly enjoy the time spent in the warmth and safety of a very joyous holiday with the best people in your lives.

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