Midwest Industries Kel Tec Sub2000 Optic Mount by Nick Chen

Midwest Industries now offers a Gen 2 TI/T2 optic mount for the popular, break-down Kel-Tec Sub2000.

Midwest Industries has been a staple in the AR-15 market. You can find their sight, handguards and various other accessories on many tricked out AR-15s. They were some of the first to offer extended handguards for the SCAR 16 and 17 platforms. Well now they have once again gained another foothold in the firearm accessories market.

The most intriguing, to me, is their Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen 2 TI/T2 optic mount. It is a fact that Sub2000 users have had to struggle to have an optic dedicated for the Sub2000. While it is easy to mount one, often you have to make a compromise due to the folding nature of the Sub2000. The choices are to have an aftermarket rail system that indexes, an offset optic, or simply remove the optic everytime you want to fold the gun.


  • Having an indexing handguard does allow the optic and most accessories to remain on the firearm. You just need to rotate the handguard every time you fold or unfold the Sub2000. While this is not a terrible compromise, the act of rotating the handguard is a bit more convoluted. You need to unscrew a collar, rotate the handguard and then re-tighten the collar.
  • With an offset optic there is no need to do anything when deploying or storing the Sub2000. However you do compromise your shooting position and sight picture. Now you have to cant the rifle to utilize the optic.
  • With a traditional QD mount, you can simply remove and reattach the optic to the Sub2000 Gen 2 handguard. But as you can imagine repetitive removal and reinstallation of an optic gets tedious.

That is where the beauty of the Midwest Industries Sub2000 optic mount shines. It is a simple mount that attaches to the side MLOK slots on the handguard.  However this only works with the Gen 2 handguard and will not work with the Gen 1 Sun2000s.

The actual plate that the optic mounts to is attached by a pivot and spring tension. So you swing the optic out of the way to allow the Sub2000 to fold or unfold. When folded, the optic mount clears the buffer tube. This does create a bit of an issue. In order make clearance for the buffer tube, the mount sits a little high and the optic cannot co-witness with the iron sights. Not a terrible issue. You can simply swing the optic out of the way and shoot with the iron sights. Almost like a 3x magnifier on an AR that can swing out of the way when not in use.


The optic mount is designed for Aimpoint T1 and T2. You can use any optic that fits that pattern, so the Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot and the ever popular Holosun optics will work with this setup. Be careful though, when the optic is stored and the Sub2000 is folded, the charging handle will be in the way of the optic mount. So you simply rack it back and loop a small piece of paracord over the handle. This prevents the charging handle from smashing into the objective lens of your optic. Some optics are too long and will not fit very well. Such as the Hilux Leatherwood Micromax B-Dot. The extended tubes interfere with the charging handle in the stowed position.

The Sub2000 optic mount is available now for $99.95. Midwest Industries also has a package deal and bundles the optic mount with a Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot. Normally the PA Micro Dot sells for $169.99. With the optic mount, it package sells for $239.95 That takes off almost $30 from the optic. Not a bad deal.


Aside from the Sub2000 optic mount, Midwest Industries has also come out with some new AK handguards.  They have made some great optic mounts that allow certain red dots to co-witness and they continue that concept with their new AK47/74 Gen 2 handguards. The handguard is split between top and bottom. This allows them to have different top covers. They are available in picatinny, Aimpoint T1/T2 and Trijicon MRO. The Aimpoint and Trijicon top covers are designed to allow the red dots to co-witness with the AK factory iron sights.

Theese AK handguards also come in two different lengths as well as Keymod or MLOK compatibility.

The MLOK rails retail for $159.99 for the shorter length and $234.99 for the longer length. It is an additional $10 for the Keymod handguards. For more information please view www.midwestindustries.com/.

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