Near-Tragedy for Big 3 East

Last week the Big 3 East President and founder, Dillard “Crazy Jay” Johnson’s son Max was involved in a very serious motor vehicle vs. motorcycle collision where he suffered extensive injuries. Thanks to immediate lifesaving actions taken by both the law enforcement and EMT first responders, Max was given life-saving care and transport needed to get him to the local trauma center and stabilize him.

Police at the scene noted that the accident was the far worst motorcycle accident that they had ever seen where the driver survived, a great reason was the new helmet bought recently by CJ that had not Max been wearing, the outcome would have been most certainly and tragically worse.

Max is currently in stable condition at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona and although not totally out of danger, there is no indication of brain or spinal damage and he has begun to heal and his prognosis is very positive for a full recovery. CJ and Amy has not left their son since the accident, staying at the hospital night and day.

We as all of his B3E family wish him well, and our prayers and thoughts are with him during this tough, tough time. We fully intend to host the scheduled B3E event in March, so please continue to go through Shwell for details.

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