Palmetto State Armory showcases Modular AK rifles; new AR-15 Options By Jim Grant


Palmetto State Armory has long since made a name for itself by producing high-quality AR-15 components and lower receivers. Hell, I’ve got a trio of their lowers at my house right now! They’re the kind of company that makes products for blue-collar folks, the kind of people who don’t want frivolous accessories, but need a good, reliable carbine at a price that won’t eat multiple paychecks.

So when I heard they weren’t just getting into the AK market last year, but producing a new modular stock system for their new rifles, I was pretty excited. Especially now that the average AK is almost as expensive (and in some cases more so) than an AR15!


Now, I’m not going to gloss over the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Yes, the original batch of PSA AK rifles had some issues. Many AK enthusiasts, myself included, were concerned with the cast barrel trunnions on PSA’s AK carbines – and rightfully so.

Other companies in the past that have utilized this same method of trunnion construction have encountered failures as a result. In response, PSA has revamped production and design, and now offers their PSA AK’s with both billet and forged front trunnions. The new guns start at $699.

But these new guns don’t just incorporate new furniture options, but also some more custom components like the addition of an ALG trigger to help make the AK a more ergonomic, user-friendly firearm.


But PSA’s new products aren’t limited to AKs, they’re also producing

  • 62x39mm AR15 carbines that feed from standard AKM/AK-47 magazines
  • A new series of pistol-caliber AR lowers that feed from the ubiquitous Glock magazine!

The latter being great news for preppers and pragmatists alike.

Because they can now share magazines and ammunition across both a shoulder-fired weapon and a die-hard reliable Glock sidearm. This makes for simplified logistics in keeping both firearms fed.

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EDITOR’S NOTE I also have and use Palmetto State Armory AR’s and have yet to have a mechanical failure or jam with any of them. I personally cannot wait to get a 9mm PSA AR-9 so I can better use my Glock magazines and fully utilize the potential of the newest generation of 9mm ammunition on the market. As Jim so correctly stated these firearms are tough and priced so that the average shooter can get an AR with enough left over for ammo and training!

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