Protecting our LEO’s from Assassinations and Attacks – By Andre’ M. Dall’au

Like most if not all concealed carry firearms owners, while I don’t look for trouble and will walk across the street, turn around or even run away to avoid a situation that might turn violent, if I see a law enforcement officer in trouble I will immediately respond.

With this rash of LEO assassinations and attacks provoked, excused and justified by racist, extremist hate groups that HAVE BEEN SUPPORTED BY OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT, and since our thin blue line is our ONLY protection from the really bad people who are out there, if I see a LEO who is having a problem, I will do WHATEVER I can to ensure his or her safety.

That does not mean vigilantism, or making snap judgments or interfering with due process, if I see a cop pulling over a car, I will look out for any threats he or she might not see. If I see a cop in a scuffle, I will make sure that nobody else interferes until the bad guy is restrained and that he does not injure the officer. If I see a cop in a gunfight or being shot at; well that LEO will have unexpected fire support if needed and appropriate.

There are a LOT of civilian CCW holders out there and when the bad guys figure out that for every cop they can see, there are hundreds of other law-abiding citizens willing to help protect our brothers and sisters in blue, maybe they will not be so willing to take a chance.

Of course in areas of this country where civilian ownership, self-protection and the protection of others from violence is limited by anti-gun laws that just assist the criminals to work their trade with little fear of resistance, the public protection of our most valuable assets to keep law and order strong and aggressive enforcement will be problematic, but sometime just a cell phone is enough to deter a senseless act.

Personally I vow to make sure that my LEO friends stay as safe as possible and will keep a watchful eye out so they know that although they may feel awfully exposed and alone out there on the road, there are PLENTY of Americans willing to stand up shoulder to shoulder with them to resist and stop the rash of senseless violence against our fellow armed Americans – just because they are cops.

I just want you brave officers, deputies and agents out there to know that we got your six.

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