SHOT Show 2017 Best of Friday – Century Arms TP9SFT Quiet Nine By Jim Grant

The Century Arms 9mm TP9SFT features a threatded barrel for suppressor use

The Century Arms TP9SFT is the new generation of exceptional striker-fired pistols.

The TP9 is one of those unlikely David and Goliath-esque success stories where a small up-and-coming product begins to gobble up market shares of an industry previously seen as impenetrable.

For the uninitiated, the TP9 is a striker-fired, polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. Its original design was based heavily upon the Walther P99, but later iterations evolved into their own unique weapon.

Manufactured by Canik of Turkey who has had decades of experience manufacturing weapons used by the Turkish military and police, these little blasters have made a name for themselves as surprisingly affordable military-grade sidearms. Currently, Century Arms is importing these pistols, and despite repeated requests from this writer, it hasn’t been available with a threaded barrel… until now.

Introducing the Century Arms-imported, Canik TP9SFT, chambered in 9mm parabellum.

This newest iteration of the Canik still uses the same accessories and magazines and still includes the same features from the SF variant like the elimination of the decocking button on the slide, and improved trigger.

Unlike previous versions, the new SFT model ships with suppressor height sights made by Warne – the guys who make bomb-proof scope mounts, and more importantly, a threaded barrel. The barrel uses the same thread pitch as many European firearms – 13.5x1LH, so shooters who own threaded VP9s, USP9s or SIG P226’s will be able to use existing pistons to attached sound suppressors to their TP9SFT.

The new TP9SFT retails for $459.99 and Century will start shipping these handguns March, 2017.

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