SHOT Show 2017 Best of the Day: Tuesday – The Taurus Spectrum .380 subcompact CCW pistol By Jim Grant

The vivid array of colors and combinations available can provide the shooter with near-unlimited customization potential for their .380 ACP CCW pistol.

Taurus International Manufacturing, unveiled the newest addition to their product lineup – the Spectrum. True to its name, this new .380 ACP caliber auto-loading handgun is available in a huge array of colors with dozens of slide/frame finish combinations.

The Taurus Spectrum is both stylish and utilitarian that has an easy to operate slide and comfortable polymer grip panels.

The basic design is that of a direct-blowback, magazine-fed automatic handgun – a staple of concealed carry for decades – but Taurus has dehorned nearly every inch of the gun to make it both more-easily concealable, as well as more comfortable to carry in general.

Additionally, the little handgun features small rubberized grip panels on the slide and frame which can be customized VIA a small app from Taurus to one of more than a dozen available colors.  The sights are fixed post and notch, and are partially melded into the slide itself, to reduce the chances of snagging on clothing or holsters during a draw cycle.

Each Spectrum comes with a nine round magazine equipped with a unique extension that provides a secure groove for your little finger.

The Spectrum feeds from a seven-round, flush-fitting single-stack magazine or a nine-round version with a finger-extension.  The pistol ships with one of each of these magazines to allow the user to pick the right one for either concealed carry or range work. The spectrum is striker-fired and is built from a combination of stainless steel and high-impact polymer.

The Spectrum should be available soon and has an MSRP of $286.36.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Taurus Spectrum has been the talk of the SHOT Show and has revitalized the interest in the .380 ACP as a effective self-defense round. With its new loading and bullets the .380 ACP is now a VERY effective high-impact, low recoil answer for people who dislike larger recoiling pistols.

Look for a full range test and evaluation of the Spectrum by our own Dr. Martin Topper when Taurus ships him one of the first production models.

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