Spike’s Tactical links up with The Pipe Hitters Union By Nick Chen

Spikes Tactical Pipe Hitters Union 5.56mm Carbine

Spike’s Tactical has been a regular at the Big 3 East Media Event and at the Fall 2016 B3E announced a partnership with Pipe Hitter’s Union. The Pipe Hitter’s Union (PHU) is a Veteran run Attitude Apparel company. For those not familiar with the PHU here is what they are about.

Pipe Hitters Union (PHU) was founded in 2004 as an informal way for all those who live the Warrior lifestyle to show their unification.

Over the years, the PHU “skull and cross bones shield” logo has become an icon for those who follow the warrior path and lifestyle. Our roots are in the Military/Special Operations community but because of our authentic, no nonsense message, you will find a broad range of people wearing our Pipe Hitters Union, attitude apparel. It is most commonly seen in the Military, Law Enforcement, Private Military Contract (PMC), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Extreme Sports communities.

So what is a Pipe Hitter? We hear that question a lot. Well, the Urban Dictionary defines the term “Pipe Hitter” as: “Someone or a group of people who are willing to go to the extreme in order to get things accomplished. Also known as a “Heavy Hitter”.”

Ben Thomas of Spike’s Tactical is good friends with the founder of PHU so the collaboration was a no brainer. They will be making three versions of the PHU AR. A rifle, pistol and SBR.

  • Pipe Hitters Union lower receiver
  • Mil Spec Upper
  • Hammer Forged Barrel
  • R2 Brake for the rifle and Barking Spider for the Pistol and SBR
  • MLOK Handguard 13.2” and 9”
  • Nickel Boron BCG
  • CMC 2 Stage Trigger 2/3
  • Badass Ambi Safety
  • BCM Mod 4 Charging Handle
  • KNS Anti-Rotation Pins
  • Spikes Gen 2 Sights
  • Billet Trigger Guard
  • QD Latch Plate
  • MFT Grip and Stock

The price will be around $2100 for the Pipe Hitters Union AR15.

Spike’s is also making their own Micro back up sights. The front sight elevation adjustment does not require any tools. The rear sight windage does not require any tools either and it has a sliding aperture. The Front sight will retail for $105 and $125 for the rear sight.

Spikes Tactical 9mm Recluse carbine made for Glock magazines.

Spike’s has also added a new option for their Recluse. The Recluse is their 9mm integrally suppressed AR. It was originally offered with a Colt SMG pattern lower receiver. With the popularity of 9mm carbines increasing many companies have made lowers that accept Glock magazines. The Recluse Glock Carbine will remain the same price of $2165 but now you have the option to use the extended 32 round Glock magazines.


The Spikes 9mm Recluse

For more information please view spikestactical.com and pipehittersunion.com.

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