The 2017 Military College Combat Shooting Championship Chooses Guest Speaker By Andre’ M. Dall’au

This year's Guest of Honor speaker is Green Beret SFC Chase E. Stoner. Previous speakers to the best of America's future leaders have included other great warriors and leaders including a incredible Medal of Honor recipient Sammy Davis.

The 2017 Military College Combat Shooting Championship will have Green Beret Sergeant First Class Chase E. Stoner as the Honored Speaker

Phenix City, AL – April 19, 2017 – The 2017 Military College Combat Shooting Championships 2017 has announced that its guest speaker will be Green Beret Sergeant First Class Chase E. Stoner. SFC Stoner enlisted in the United States Army in 2005 as an 18 X-Ray, Special Forces Candidate who successfully completed the rigorous and very selective Special Forces Qualification Training in 2007. After being awarded his coveted Green Beret, he was assigned to Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He served on Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 5313 and later on ODA 5315, first serving as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant before becoming an Intelligence and Operations Sergeant.

At past banquets, some of America’s best future leaders resplendent in USMA’s Dress Grey, Annapolis’ Whites and Cadets from Texas A&M in their Senior Boots had the honor of being addressed by great Americans as guest speakers including a Medal of Honor recipient as well as many current and former members of elite and distinguished military organizations like this year’s speaker. SFC Stoner has deployed in many countries to include Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. He currently serves as a Military Science Instructor and is in charge of the Combat Diver Qualification Course Training Program for the United States Military Academy (West Point.) SFC Stoner will speak at the awards banquet following the competition at the National Infantry Museum, 1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, GA 31903.

The 2017 Military College Combat Shooting Championship (MCCSC) is scheduled to be held on 20-22 April, 2017 at the East Alabama Gun Club near Phenix City is sponsored by SIG SAUER, The NRA and Magpul. Teams from Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit, Virginia Military Institute Combat Shooting Team and the United States Military Academy (West Point) Combat Weapons Team will compete against the clock with service pistols, shotguns and carbines. The match will be scored using standard USPSA rules on nine stages specifically designed to realistically present combat shooting challenges involving exhaustive physical exertion, quick decision-making, safe firearms handling and of course marksmanship under stress.

The Match Director for the 2017 MCCSC, Mark Kauder, explained both the involvement of the East Alabama Gun Club as well as the logic and purpose of the competitive stages that the Cadets would face. He noted; “Because of our location near Ft Benning, we have the honor of having countless active duty and retired service members as members of the club.  I am retired SFC Intelligence Analyst and also shot for the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit.  Several of the Range Officers are Retired Army Soldiers, one is a retired Air Force Pilot, and one even a 75th Ranger veteran of the Blackhawk Down situation, One of the range officers is a serving Officer in the Army, and he designed half of our stages with a real world situational flare as well as writing “Op Orders” for all the stages. The other half of the stages were designed by a local experienced three gun shooter in a normal 3GN competition style, with options for the shooter to use real problem solving skills.  This is the second year we have hosted this match, and we find it an honor to help these fine young men and women move forward toward their military careers, and hopefully a lifetime of shooting competition.”


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