US-led Precision Airstrike Obliterates an ISIS weapon Cache

The US military has released a video that showcases the US-led anti-ISIS coalition obliterating an ISIS weapons storage facility near to Qayyarah, Iraq.

The airstrikes were conducted on April 1 as part of a larger operation by the anti-ISIS coalition on that day. Altogether, the coalition conducted 17 strikes throughout Iraq and Syria.

US Central Command notes that the airstrikes near Qayyarah hit a range of targets beyond the weapons cache. The coalition also conducted two airstrikes that successfully destroyed an ISIS tactical vehicle and two ISIS mortar positions.

The additional strikes throughout Iraq and Syria targeted ISIS tactical units, vehicle-borne explosive devices, tunnel systems, and bulldozers. Altogether, the coalition conducted five strikes in Syria and 12 in Iraq. A strike, as defined by the US military, is “one or more kinetic events that occur in roughly the same geographic location to produce a single, sometimes cumulative, effect.”

The following GIF shows the airstrike that destroyed ISIS’s weapon storage facility near Qayyarah:

None animated GIF

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