VOTE!!! By Andre’ M. Dall’au


Tomorrow will be a landmark event. Either America will take back a nation bogged down by decades of Washington elitists spending trillions of dollars to no productive end, career politicians willing to fight only for the status quo and to maintain their place at the trough of unlimited funds and unaccountable fiscal failure or we will continue to reshape this Republic using failed European Socialist nations as desirable role models. The decision is ours. What the government CANNOT refute is the will of the American people when we ALL say – “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!”

If you have not already voted, go out and tender your vote tomorrow. I will not tell you who to vote for; it should be obvious. Who sees gun owners as a threat? Who could not pass a basic background check? Who will make the decision who sits on the Supreme Court and has said that the Supreme Court “got it wrong” on their decision on gun control? Who slept through the attack on our warriors and diplomats in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans? Do you want that person as president? Do you?

That is the good question you must answer for yourself in the sanctity of the voting booth. But do ask yourself, get a informed answer and strike a blow against the Washington elitists who have nothing to help Middle America, the Americans who go to work day and night to better their lives only to have their monies taken and given to those who don’t or even the brave men and women who have served and suffered protecting this nation, our veterans.





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