WE’RE BAAAAACK! Site damage repaired and reclamation in progress.


I apologize for the service interruption of our website. We experienced a severe outage that resulted in the following;

  1. Loss of ALL posts from Jan 10 to date.
  2. Loss of subscribers from Jan 10 to date

What has been done and will be done is the following;

  1. I will be reposting the articles as close to the originals as possible so ALL (hopefully) information will be available.
  2. Please everyone who thinks that their subscription to this site has been lost, please sign up again.
  3. We will look into backing up our content on a more-frequent basis.

The fatal error came from a “plugin” for posting content, and I have not heard yet if that was a glich, a fumble finger or a hack (yes, maybe the Russians) but I am inclined to think it was puny electrons that failed for no good reason.

Sorry for the interruption in service and we will continue to move forward with excellent and cutting edge content. As ever please use our comments section to let us know what you think, how you feel and what you like about our content and what you like to see more of.

Thanks to all our friends and viewers and remember, out next B3E media event is mid-March so get ready now.

I will keep you posted for any more information.

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